Get subdomain using Marketo API

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Get subdomain using Marketo API


I'm building an integration using the V1 rest API which allows user to login and sync lead data to Marketo. However, I'm having trouble to get the user's marketo subdomain url.

Is there anyway to get that using the current api? I found a get landing pages api rest/asset/v1/landingPages.json which contains the url that I need in the computedUrl field. but I keep getting an access denied error.

Here is the end goal that I try to achieve:

whenever my app creates a new lead in marketo through the api, I'll get a lead id from the response, and I'd like to render an link to that lead in my app so users can click on it and redirect them to the marketo side to view the newly created lead.


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Re: Get subdomain using Marketo API

"Marketo subdomain" isn't the name for this, it's "Marketo instance" or "pod."

"Subdomain" implies LP subdomains, which confuses the issue.

If you're getting access denied on the LP API, your API user probably doesn't have permission.

Also, as far as I know there is no official endpoint for this. The assumption (rightly so) is that anyone setting up an integration will have this information in hand, just as they must know their Munchkin ID.