Gainsight with Marketo

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Gainsight with Marketo

Hi - Our Customer Services team have recently begun using Gainsight as the go-to solution to monitor client health and communicate with their contacts on a  day to day basis.

Is anyone using a Gainsight plugin with Marketo for their marketing campaigns? If so, what type of marketing activity/ functionality can you do?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Gainsight with Marketo

Not sure what you mean by Gainsight Plugin?

They have a similar tool called Co Pilot that replaces MSI, effectively. GS would prefer you use them instead of Marketo, so be careful!

Usually people use GS with Co Pilot for specific kinds of communications where their database can handle scenarios like Usage, Secure Comms, etc... whereas Marketo is used for larger scale programs that don't involve salespeople.

I find Co Pilot is a lot like Outreach and doesn't have some of the nice things Engagements can do, but that's not really how it's supposed to be used.