Re: Form Submissions

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Re: Form Submissions

Add in a new view where it has all the fields of the form your looking at. Then you'll see all the responses and are able to output that in excel.

Depends on how one defines "all responses," though.

The key difference between what you're describing and an actual form-centric report is that you're only showing the current values for each of the fields, regardless of whether they were filled via form fillout, regardless of whether they came from the same fillout, and regardless of whether they overwrote values from earlier fillouts.

Such a form-centric report is not possible using the UI, no matter how hard you try. It's only available if you do an API download, as noted above.

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Re: Form Submissions

I suppose if you have specific key forms you want to track this for, it theoretically may be possible, but it's messy, requires new fields, and isn't easy to aggregate. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this approach, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

Sanford has a great article about creating Interesting Moment logs. You could create a log field using this method for every field on the form, and then use Stephanie's suggestion of building a smart list. Except in this method, the view would contain the log fields instead of the actual form fields.

Like I said, not ideal, not pretty, and not actually super useful. But probably the only way to get the information you're looking for from the UI.