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Re: Form Progressive Profiling

Please provide

- a screenshot of your Form Editor setup

- your URLs

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Re: Form Progressive Profiling

I've attached two images and I'm going to message you the URLs. Thanks!

field details.PNGfield details 2.PNG

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Re: Form Progressive Profiling

For the lurkers: I checked the pages offline and immediately saw the problem: Jess had ProgPro and KL HTML ("If Known Lead, Custom HTML") both active for a form.

These settings are, in practice, mutually exclusive, since one means "No form at all if already associated or after first fillout" and the other means "New fields on the form after first fillout."  To avoid confusion, choose one or the other (though Form Editor doesn't stop you from having both active).

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Re: Form Progressive Profiling

This is how the Progressive profiling works:
When a visitor fills out a form on a website landing page for the first time, they are required to only answer a few form fields with progressive profiling. The next time that visitor fills out a form you replace the form fields with new form fields to gain additional lead intelligence.
The first download your visitor encounters, you’d ask basic questions like the following:
First name
Last name

On the second content download, you’ll get additional information for targeting and qualifying the lead like:

During the next conversion, you can get detailed information that will help qualify:
Phone number
Time frame to purchase