finding email address from aliId?

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finding email address from aliId?

I just found a lead who opened my emails but did not click any link (no activity of clicking in activity log or campaign results).

However, his activity log shows 'Visit Web Page' and it links to my registration page. When i clicked this activity details, the Referer URL has an alild!

1) If the registration page was referred to by a URL that has an alild, can i assume my lead clicked on a link that was sent to him by another person who already registered?

2) Is that the reason why there was no log about the clicking from my email?

3) I would like to know the email ID of the referrer using just the aild?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: finding email address from aliId?

Hi Prinu,

When an email is sent all the links are encoded with hidden information that Marketo reads and uses when the link is clicked. When the link is clicked the clicker is redirected through to the Marketo tracking domain you have created when setting up your instance. At this location Marketo decrypts the link, reads the hidden information and a cookie is set on the clicker's computer that is immediately linked to the email address the email is delivered to.

Let's say Lead A receives your email and forwards it to Lead B. If Lead B clicks the link, he will be assigned a cookie with Lead A's email address. The click will them be attributed to Lead A's lead record. So will any subsequent behavior on your website.

You can choose not to set the cookie by adding the class "mktNoTrack" to your link. This will stop Marketo from setting a cookie and associating any behavior with that lead. Also, when you 'send sample' behavior won't be tracked.

The behavior you're describing is odd. When someone clicks a link in the newsletter, that should show up as an activity. Visiting the webpage should also show up.

Are you sure you're not trying to view a sample? Is the link tracked?

Let me know if you find what's causing the inexplicable behavior.

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Re: finding email address from aliId?

Stijn, this is not quite accurate.  The tracking server doesn't set a tracking cookie.  It only logs the hit and then redirects the browser to the destination page.  If the destination page is not running Munchkin, there still will be no cookie.

By default, Marketo appends to the destination link a token (not to be confused with lead.tokens or my.tokens) that, when subsequently sent by Munchkin, associates the browser cookie with the lead.

If you include the class mktNoTok in the link, the lead's hit will still be logged and redirect, but Marketo will not append a token, so the Munchkin cookie (if there is one) will not automatically associate with the lead.  However, you can still associate the cookie with a lead using other methods such as form post, the manual Munchkin associateLead method, or the API variations.

If you include the class mktNoTrack, the lead is forwarded directly to the destination link and the hit is not logged, nor is the link tokenized.

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Re: finding email address from aliId?

Yes, Prinu, I believe you have deciphered it: a user registered and then forwarded the confirmation page to someone else.