Re: Finding a "Step ID"

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Finding a "Step ID"

When you look at the results of a smart campaign, it shows the "Step ID" for a step that was executed. I can't correlate that back to the actual steps in the flow, as there's no ID associated with each step.

How do I relate the "Step ID" in the Results to the actual steps in the flow?
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Re: Finding a "Step ID"

I don't think you can as more likely that the Step ID you see is a system field which will not be available to you for use in reporting, Smart list filters/constraints etc.
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Re: Finding a "Step ID"

Hi Edward,

Could you tell me, please, what is "step id" showed for in Activity Log?

How can we use these information?

Maybe we can identify these steps using REST API?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Finding a "Step ID"

so, there is no way to correlate "step ID" with a flow step?

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Re: Finding a "Step ID"

I had a similar situation when trying to debug a campaign. The only solution I found is to heuristically determine the step for a step id, by having a fixed point and assuming that Step IDs are increased by one with each flow step. 

Example: You have ID 123 for "Change data value for field X". If you got an error for ID 125, you would assume it is the step located two steps below the "Change data value for field X".