Easy Way to Capture Soft Bounce Reason

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Easy Way to Capture Soft Bounce Reason

Hi all,

Marketo only captures bounce messages for hard bounces and sometimes suspended emails. If you are interested in also monitoring soft bounce reasons there is an easy way to do this:


Step 1: Create a field to store the soft bounce (field type: string)

Step 2: Create a program and 1 smart campaign within




Step 3: in the smart list you add a trigger "email bounces soft is any"



Step 4: in the flow you add the step "change data value". The attribute is the field you have created in step 1 and for the new value you select {{trigger.detail}}




Step 5: in the tab schedule you activate the smart campaign. It is now capturing the last soft bounce reason for each contact that soft bounced

Step 6: you can add now the new field in any view and see the soft bounce reason


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Re: Easy Way to Capture Soft Bounce Reason

Great post, thank you @Jacqueline_Hess! It would be great if instead of overwriting the reason field for every soft bounce if we build a history of soft bounces along with date stamps in a text area field. That way we would have entire log of soft bounce reason along with the respective date stamps for the soft bounced people. This can be achieved by a simple choice step - append the reason + date in field if field's not empty with the existing value, else simply write the reason + date values in the field. 🙂