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Field Mapping Issue

We are having an issue with one of our field mappings. Currently our Lead Status maps to 2 fields in SFDC - Lead Status and a custom field on the contact record "Current_Status_c". The second mapping should never have been connected. I've asked support if they are able to break the mapping on the second field but they are telling me I have to remove any reference to the field in our Marketo campaigns. We have lead status changes in most of our flows and it really isn't feasible to remove that from every campaign.

Has anyone else been able to resolve field mapping issues without having to remove all the references in Marketo? I'm guessing the only way to get around this is do the work in SFDC - create a new custom field for the contact record data, move the data over then delete the custom field the lead status is mapping to. Help!
Richard Wasylynchuk
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Re: Field Mapping Issue

Hi Richard, 

I think I have heard of a similar encounter and you are right, the idea was to create a new custom field, remap it, and transfer data over.