Field Integrity Exception Issue: Country

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Field Integrity Exception Issue: Country

During an SFDC sync, some records within my instance fail to sync, with the following error:

Failed: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION: There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries.: Country

I've seen some other posts on the community, and I've contacted Marketo support, but I'm unable to successfully troubleshoot this. The records in question have a blank country value, and our SFDC admin is able to confirm that there doesn't seem to be any restriction that would prevent records/leads from being created in SFDC if no country value is present (I can create one, manually, as an SFDC user, and I can create one without a Country value via the Data Loader desktop client also).

Has anyone encountered this before?

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Re: Field Integrity Exception Issue: Country

Are you certain that it's blank and not containing invisible whitespace?

Also ensure (have your SFDC admin ensure) that there is not, for example, a workflow rule which attempts to "fix up" a blank value that's created via certain methods, and the fixed-up value is broken.

The error is certainly within Salesforce in any case. Marketo never imagines FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTIONs out of whole cloth!

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Re: Field Integrity Exception Issue: Country

I would agree with Sanford's statement.  The issue is related to your Salesforce system requiring a certain data value to create a record and the sync is providing an unrecognized value or a blank field.  Please talk to your Salesforce administrator to understand their requirements.

A solution that you should consider is to standardize your lead imports around ISO country/state values in Marketo, and if another format is required by SFDC, to translate them via a webhook that conducts a "Vlookup" from the ISO to the Salesforce-acceptable value.  Sanford has a solution that can help you in this regard, which we have found to be very helpful.