Failed Tracking

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Failed Tracking

Hello all,

I have a big issue relative to marketo tracking.

In fact I need to understand my db behaviour on a web site in which I put Muchkin code, but not all clicks were tracked correctly. some clicks were not tracked at all, while other were tracked partially or some times only the second click on the same link was collected.

Do you think this could be related to the latest release?

I have this problem on more than ones marketo instance. My develop process remain the same of the previous campaign, so I do not understand how to fix this issue.

If you have some suggestions, please share it with me.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Failed Tracking

Please provide more information and more specific examples. Your website URLs and screenshots would be helpful if you can share.

Also, do not use munchkin to mimic the kind of reporting that's done in GA or Omniture.

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Re: Failed Tracking

If its' working on some pages and others, I have seen this before and it is 99% to do with your website and what else is on that page that may be conflicting with your munchkin code.