Facebook Custom Audiences - Business Manager and Ad Bridge

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Facebook Custom Audiences - Business Manager and Ad Bridge

Hi All,

Quick question regarding pushing Smart Lists to Facebook as a Custom Audience within Facebook Business Manager;

I've created a smart list that I want to push to Facebook as a custom audience. I went through the process of creating the list and then sending it to Facebook via Adbridge. It wasn't working so I got in contact with Marketo support and they informed me that I need to accept the Facebook terms of service for custom audiences (https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/customaudiences/tos.php). I've accepted this and it has allowed me to push an audience to my personal advertising account. However my organisation uses multiple advertising account within Business Manager. Accepting the above TOS does not apply to Business Manager advertising accounts. I've been in contact with Facebook and they've said that the TOS for Business Manager advertising accounts doesn't exist...

Other than creating a new email address, and new advertising account, and then claiming it via business manager - the only other solution I can think of is simply exporting Smart Lists and then manually uploading to Facebook.      

Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a reasonable solution?

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Re: Facebook Custom Audiences - Business Manager and Ad Bridge

I was able to get this to work by creating a new facebook ad admin account only in the account I wanted to use with Marketo.  I then created the Facebook Custom Audience via adbridge and it prompted me to accept the TOS allowing the list to get uploaded.