Facebook automatically syncing to Marketo without campaign?

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Facebook automatically syncing to Marketo without campaign?

Hi community

I've just noticed this morning that our client has set up their own Facebook lead ad - because it was done by them, no campaign has been set up in Marketo to receive these leads. Even so, the leads are still making their way into Marketo without the campaign, and subsequently have no subscription rules or values applied to them.

Because there is no receiving campaign, the activity log shows no specific campaign activity. BUT, it has automatically created a 'Filled out Facebook Lead Ad' step in the lead's activity record. If I click on the activity detail ID, I can see a whole heap of Facebook sync information including:

Page ID

Lead Ad Form ID

Lead Ad Group ID

Lead Ad Form Name

Lead Ad Ad ID

Lead Ad Campaign Name

Lead Ad Group Name

Lead Ad Set Name

Lead Ad Name

Lead Ad Gen ID

Lead Ad Campaign ID

Lead Ad created_time

Lead Ad Set ID

Is this a new thing? I've never seen this before and we've been running lead ads directly into Marketo for well over a year. It's worrying, as if the client decides to set up their own campaigns and not tell us we end up with a lot of leads in Marketo with no attribution, subscription rules etc.

Any thoughts/info appreciated!



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Re: Facebook automatically syncing to Marketo without campaign?

I'm not sure Diana, but it wouldn't be new.

The trigger "fills out lead ad" would rely on the lead being inside the database - ie, it's not sucking information straight from Facebook. It polls the Marketo database like any other trigger.