Exhausted Lead Count in Engagement Streams

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Exhausted Lead Count in Engagement Streams


I am going to try and explain this question the best I can. I am noticing something I feel would be a discrepancy in our exhausted leads count. It's my understanding that total exhausted lead count should equal (All Casts - Leads in Stream = Exhausted Leads). This is close within our third stream, but not our first or second stream.

As an example within our first stream, I have a count of 1,272 leads associated with "All Casts", 156 leads associated with "Leads in Stream", but only 2 exhausted leads. Shouldn't there be 1,116?

My question is where can I begin to look into why the exhausted lead count is the way it is?


Let me know if any clarification is needed.

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Re: Exhausted Lead Count in Engagement Streams


I would pull a smart list with the filter of "Member of Engagement Program" and the constraint of "Exhausted Content: true". This will allow you to see the leads in question.

"Exhausted" means the leads are in the stream with a cadence of "normal" but they have already been sent all the content in that stream.

"All Casts" simply means the total number of emails sent. So one lead that was sent two emails would have a total of 2 for "All Casts".

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Re: Exhausted Lead Count in Engagement Streams

David Cutsinger

All casts is the full list of all who qualified over the life of the stream.

They may have moved to another stream via that stream's cast.

Therefore, current leads in the first stream has only 2 remaining out of the 156 leads that are exhausted.

You can run reports or Smart Lists to figure out those exhausted in a particular Program + Stream like so: