Excluding Bizible from Specific Forms

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Excluding Bizible from Specific Forms

I am now to this and I am having a hard time on how to I go about adding this code to our unsubscribe form. Help please.



<form id="myForm" action="/Home/TestPage" method="POST" class="Bizible-Exclude">

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Re: Excluding Bizible from Specific Forms

All form on webpage are created using the <form> element. Each element can have several attributes like in the example you have id, action, method and class as attributes along with their respective values. Setting the attributes we can control and add the properties/styles to the elements e.g. in your example action attribute says that when the form is successfully submitted navigate to /Home/TestPage webpage, id=myForm is used to add the styles or add form specific javascript similarly method and class have their relevance.

So circling back to original topic of excluding bizible from tracking specific forms:  in very simple terms if you wish to exclude the bizible from any specific form, simply add the "class=Bizible-Exclude" as an attribute to that form element. If in a form element you already have a class (like "class = myClass") then add Bizible-Exclude as another class ("class = myClass Bizible-Exclude"). Let us know if you want further clarifications. 🙂