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Event Attendance Form

Hello -- I'd like to setup a way for our events team to be able to "check-in" people that have attended an event. We don't have an event management tool and we can not list email addresses in a landing page. Also, need to avoid a form submission where they can only submit one email address at at time.

I can only think of:

Event planners will have a hard copy of RSVPs (pen and paper) or Excel, and they can copy and paste the email addresses from their excel sheet or word doc, and submit into a text field into a Marketo form. Then, I can setup a smart campaign program where if the form is submitted, look for the email addresses in the text field submitted, and update the program status for those particular recipients.

Has anyone setup anything like this before? (I know it's messy, but this is kinda a last resort. Also realize,  I'll have to disable munchkin tracking for the form).

Any help is appreciated!


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Re: Event Attendance Form

The "looking for the emails" part is a lot harder than you make it sound, because you'd have to use a webhook (maybe you didn't realize that, there's no other way to have a Smart Campaign run in the context of one lead and update other leads).

This would be infinitely easier to manage by having a form -- it could actually be a simple HTML form, the visible form doesn't need to be a Marketo form -- that simply submits a Marketo form, under the hood, separately on behalf of each email address pasted into a Textarea.