Evaluate Marketing Program performance with Bizible

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Evaluate Marketing Program performance with Bizible

Hi all,


We are using Bizible for evaluating both marketing channel and Salesforce campaign performance. Right now, we have stood up reports sharing with field mangers on how their events, and webinars performed based on the Bizible custom model. Everyone is looking at the $ influence. But sure that is not the only metric we should use to decide if a program is good or bad. Looking for some best practice idea, what other metrics we should bring to the team and help them optimize program strategy?  Digging into all kinds of discussions and sharing here, I can think about ROI definitely deserves a place, although we are not that standardized yet to properly track and log cost data. 


We would like to first of all bring to the team a few key metrics, so not to overwhelming them, but still provide some actionable insights. 


Any inputs welcomed! 

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Re: Evaluate Marketing Program performance with Bizible

Hi Zoey! Below is a little about how we use Bizible to report back marketing effectiveness. 


- For a holistic marketing view, we look at the Lead Creation (LC) touchpoint since that will typically align with our Lead Sources, which is how the marketing team is currently measured (for better or worst 🙂 ). So, if the person is sourced from a marketing source, gets converted and an Opp gets created, then we have a field on the Opp that will carry over that Lead Source value. The LC touchpoint view just helps us drill down a little better. 

- We do still look at influenced Opps for our own visibility, but have less benchmarking around this than the LC reporting. 

- For campaign managers, we'll show them three main metrics - LC, Opportunity Create (OC) and Influenced so they get a sense of how their campaign is performing across all Opps, knowing that the LC touchpoint is the one that we're measured by (they work backwards from the frontend of a campaign creation to estimate how much pipeline a campaign will generate). We also show general campaign metrics like # of members, # of responses and MQLs generated. 

*We try to roll this up as much as we can so we don't have too many dashboards.


Hope that helps and good luck!

Mariah Mattick