Enterprise Solution for Facebook Integration

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Enterprise Solution for Facebook Integration

My team has built a tool to manage Facebook campaigns at an enterprise level as the OOB launchpoint integration was not a scalable solution for large organizations. This new solution eliminates the need to habitually update existing campaigns (filled out facebook form trigger) if the facebook form is updated or realigned. The current launchpoint integration is limited and is quite painful to manage error handling, approving / associating FB pages, FB permission levels and testing. Historically if a Facebook form is updated or multiple campaigns are leveraging the same facebook form, there is little flexibility in marketo. The solution created removes the need for a unique form name, facebook form trigger, adds error handling, is able to easily managing the FB page approval process across any number of pages, and manages the program association within marketo. Looking to see if there is interest in this solution from others, or if others leveraging the current OOB Facebook functionality have run into similar scale issues and created their own custom integrations.

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Re: Enterprise Solution for Facebook Integration

Yes, a lot of people. Lots of threads on making FB work better with marketo.

What's your solution exactly?