Engagement Stream Qualification Rules Cleanup

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Engagement Stream Qualification Rules Cleanup


I'm doing some cleansing on our Engagement Stream and found quite of few people that need to be removed from the program (Permission to Email=False). I know I can run a Smart List to change the status and remove from program, but our current qualification rules for our streams are set as run through "only once". So anyone removed would not be able to re-qualify back into our stream if they perform the correct functions.

I wasn't the initial person to create our Engagement Stream, but looking for any thoughts/tips around this. If I change the qualification rules to "any time", I'm wondering if that would mess with our transitions and people would start receiving duplicate content.

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Re: Engagement Stream Qualification Rules Cleanup

The best thing is to run a Bad Exit batch close the Cadence timing and push the leads to an EMPTY Stream. If you kick out from the Program, you lose a lot of data.

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