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Emails Going Into Junk Folder vs Main Inbox



I'm looking to see if there's a way to see if our emails go into people’s inboxes vs. people’s junk folders. There are some individuals within my company who have been getting their emails sent to their spam folder vs their main inbox. This is what sparked this conversation. If there isn't a report or a way to view this, are there anyways to help improve our deliverability to ensure emails are being sent to the right inbox?


Does Marketo provide guidelines on how we can gauge that? I've seen some older discussions but haven't ran across an answer or solution yet. 



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Re: Emails Going Into Junk Folder vs Main Inbox

Hi Emily hope you're doing well and are safe, 

Addressing to your concern there is no direct tool which can tell you how out of all the emails you just sent how many landed in the inbox and how many landed in the junk box, since binary classifier working to determine if the mail is important to be in the inbox or not is quite dynamic and is running using complex ML algorithms and it also takes in to consideration the IP reputation of the sender at the time mail is received etc. and lastly also on the individual user's preferences.


From your end you need to take care of following things to minimize the chances of landing in to user's spam folder:

1)  Proper DKIM setup and accurate SPF are vital. SPF isn't necessary with respect to Marketo unless you sign up for their additional "branded sender" service. But DKIM must be signing correctly if it is enabled: it is far worse to have a broken DKIM signature than to have no signature.

2) Use the reputation tool like Postmaster, it shows we have had bad reputation for the last 30 days 

3) Ensure you're not strictly following the reasonable communication limits (for the non-operational emails)

4) Remove chronically unresponsive or inactive leads.

5) Review your opt-in practices and notices.

6) Review your content for potential spam triggers.

7) Check that there's no mention of our IP or domain being bad or blacklisted using tools like GlockApp.


These are the first and foremost things that you need to ensure/take care of,  you need to periodically asses quality of content and ensure send out the relevant content to user so as to increase engagement with user and ultimately drive the user in to your marketing/sales funnel.