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Emailing Leads

I am currently creating an email that I would like to use to for my initial contact with leads instead of a phone call.  The email will be mainly to setup a 15 minute call with the lead.

Does anyone have any good emails they can share and the subject lines they used?

Thank you!
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Re: Emailing Leads

Hi Nicole, are these cold-call prospects, or people who have reached out to your company already?
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Re: Emailing Leads

Hi Dory,
They are leads that have reached out via completed forms on our website so they are familiar with our company.  Here is the template I've created so far:

From:  xxxxxx
Subject Line:  Do you have some time to talk?
Dear <First Name>,
Are you interested in envelope, label and packaging products?  We have helped many companies in the <industry> and they have found these products very useful:
<list products and links>
Would you have 15 minutes for us to talk about your product needs?  If so please respond with the best date and time for us to speak. 
We are very eager to help you grow your business and look forward to speaking to you soon!
<Include Footer Information – email, phone, address>