Syncing Opt In with Salesforce?

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Syncing Opt In with Salesforce?

I recently changed my Opt In field from a "Yes checkbox" to a "Select Yes No" dropdown. To ensure that my Opt In choices  flow over to my Salesforce fields, does it matter which type of button I use?

I have my optin field mapped over to Salesforce in both the lead and the contact.  And because they are mapped, I don't need a seperate campaign to force the sync, right?
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Re: Syncing Opt In with Salesforce?

No, the fields will sync to SFDC.

Unsubscribed=Email Opt Out in SFDC, so that will sync too.

My question is did you remove the Unsubscribed field from your opt in/out form? Is this new field the only way for someone to express their preference?

If so, then you will need to setup a flow that says, 

If New Field=No, then Unsubscribed=TRUE