Email send Slack bot notification

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Email send Slack bot notification

I'm developing a Slack bot that posts a notification to our company's Slack channel 15 mins before a scheduled email send to give everyone a heads up about what is about to be sent and the size.

I'm testing a beta version using a screen scraping application that logs into the Marketo calendar on the front end and extracts the program name, send timestamp and send size. It then calls a Slack webhook the post the data.


I would like to develop a more reliable method using the Marketo API.

I've looked at Marketo's API endpoints but I haven't found one that exposes scheduled email sends. I've tried:



Are scheduled email sends only exposed from the front end UI?

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Re: Email send Slack bot notification

There's no API endpoint for this.

I definitely would not trust screen scraping with an evolving back end. If you need reliable pre-send notification, I recommend managing your campaigns through a product like Perkuto's Jeto.

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Re: Email send Slack bot notification

i used to manage these type of things with a custom flow

i had it like:

send email (to myself and a few other people on the pre-selected list)

wait 15 mins

send to the qualified campaign members

worked just fine

now we are using a home-made service like Perkuto, but i still set up my campaigns with a 15 mins "test" email just in case

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Re: Email send Slack bot notification

that's clever!

Add Choice

If email address = "", request campaign w/webhook that posts to Slack

Else do nothing

Wait 15 minutes

Send Email

(not sure how you're going to extract send size etc.. but you might get lucky with your {{trigger.token}} resolving to the name of the program you're going to send.

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Re: Email send Slack bot notification

I finished our Slackbot using a UiPath script. For each email send it generates a Slack post with the following:

  • Campaign name
  • Send time
  • Name of staff member who approved the email
  • Campaign size
  • Screenshot of email (Slack crops this image in the mobile screenshot below)
  • Email analyzer results - this our proprietary Chrome plugin that helps our email senders find dead links, insert and validate Google Analytics tags, check sending email address, check for brand compliance, etc.
  • Link to campaign in Marketo

We send anywhere between 10 to 20 campaigns per day. We used to have a seed list with our previous ESP but this bot is more effective at providing context and improving transparency within the organization. Here’s an example Slack post from our bot: