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I want to create a nurture drip campaign for 12 emails, in that I need to set a cadence for every week and want to add a daily new contact in the same nurture drip.


If I add one contact today they get 1st email today and they will receive the next email next week, and if add 2nd contact tomorrow they will receive the next email next week. So, if I set a cadence for weekly then 1st contact gets the next mail on the as per 2nd contact cadence.


How to set a nurture drip for this?


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there are different options on how to approach that, many described here in the community as well (just search for nurture campaigns or engagement programs).


But maybe the best way to start is to check the documentation:


The simple engagement program (stream with emails) should do for your scenario.





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Re: Email Nurture Drip

My concern is I set the cadence for today and add one person in the nurture to get 1st email drip and tomorrow I add another person in the same nurture drip at this time changing the cadence for tomorrow to get the same 1st email in this way I need to add daily contacts in the same drip so if am changing the cadence the 1st contact get the next email as per the last contact added into the nurture drip. 

Is this correct, if yes then give a solution as I want every person to get the next email after one week of adding them in to nurture drip

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any suggestions?

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I'm sorry, I'd like to help, but I can't quite parse what you're asking. Can you rewrite your question using terms like "Email 1" and "Email 2", "Contact 1" and "Contact 2", and use example dates? I don't mean to come off as patronizing, I'm just not sure what you're trying to do.

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Re: Email Nurture Drip

I have re-read this question and @Lakhani_s comments multiple times and appears as if below is the actual ask:

Create a setup where-in each day a new record would be added and each should receive an email every 7 days i.e., each week on the same day as they were added to the program, consider an example below:

Person A was added to the setup on Monday, this person should now receive an email every Monday of the week

Person B was added to the setup on Tuesday, this person should now receive an email every Tuesday of the week on

Now here's the problem @Lakhani_s is hoping to get addressed: upon addition of a new person each day to a single stream - stream's cadence would have to be changed so that the newly added person record (s) receive the email every week on the same day they were added to the program, but by doing so, the weekly email send plan for the previous leads gest disrupted - e.g., on Tuesday when the person 2 is added and the stream cadence is modified to send emails every Tuesday, this will essentially disrupt the original plan of sending out an email to Person 1 every Monday.


Potential Solution: If you're set to use the EP only, one of the possible ways you could pull this off is by creating separate streams for each day you are gonna add people to the EP and add people to the respective stream based on the day they're added, and set each stream to send the nurture case every week.

Stream 1 - Monday - Add all the folks added to the EP on Monday to this stream

Stream 2 - Tuesday - Add all the folks added to the EP on Tuesday to this stream

Stream 3 - Wednesday - Add all the folks added to the EP on Wednesday to this stream

--so on.

This way you wouldn't have to change the stream cadence resulting in the disruption of weekly email send of the previously added leads to the EP. 

FYR: This can also be pulled off by using default program and send campaigns w/o the need of an EP as well.


Hope this makes sense and is helpful.

Happy to answer any of the follow-up questions and hear the opinions of other experts as well.

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