Re: Email intervals in Webinar program template

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Email intervals in Webinar program template

I am studying the webinar program template, and I am wondering about the following:

In the program template there are several emails ( Reminder, Reminder Last chance,..)

What I am missing is when those Emails will be send out..

There are several smart campaigns, e.g. one for sending the first reminder, one for the second reminder...

But how should I define the exact time those campaigns should run? Should I add a wait step, and define a wait period for example of 8 days for the reminder? 12 for the other reminder?

( in the smart campaigns? )

02b-Send Invitation Reminder

02c-Send Invitation Reminder Last Chance

Taking into account that this would be a template setup, can I use tokens for those specific dates?

( so defining via tokens when the reminder mails should be send - the smart campaign for it should run? )

Franky Ruysschaert
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Re: Email intervals in Webinar program template

Franky Ruysschaert​ -

You can use Duration, Specific Date, or a Date Token.

A criteria can also be used to trigger the next send/flow - is more simpler if we use requested campaigns in sequence.

The criteria can be based on verification of previous action - e.g. send reminder only if the first email was delivered (This can be defined as a progression status of program - using Program Status)

Many of us use these statuses to determine the next steps.

E.g. triggered campaign to look for a Program Status Update to "Delivered" and request "Wait, Send Reminder". The program status change can be defined in the flow of a campaign listening to "Email is Delivered" trigger.

We can use date tokens, however you might want to look at advanced wait properties here -

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Re: Email intervals in Webinar program template

I realize this doesn't answer your question directly, but I have never found it to be worth the effort to use Marketo to send webinar operational emails. It's extra emails that you have to make sure are configured and scheduled, and there's not really any extra information that you need to put in that isn't in your webinar provider's standard confirmation and reminder emails. I got the same attendance rate with Marketo emails as with GoToWebinar's, so I went back to just using GoToWebinar's.

Amy Goldfine
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