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Email header image

hi all, amateur hour over here, but, it's hindering my progress & i cant find anything in forums or docs.


I'm adding a full width image to my email build (i want to use this as a header) - but everytime i add m image, click swap - it adds padding to both sides f the image & i cant switch it off. is this to do with my email template used perhaps?

on another email i've tested it (using same template - i think), and it fills te full width of the email as i'd expect.

i dont want to clone this & start over as the mjority of the email is done, just the header image isnt right.

really simple thing but its stopped me in my tracks.

im not technical & don't want to get involved with code or anything.


any help appreciated


thanks in advance,


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Re: Email header image

@Hoppers13 ,

this is really hard to diagnose without seeing the image or the template.


Is the image the correct width?  Depending on the template is crafted, the image may not be scaling.  One easy way to test this is to stick in an image from (use the external URL option in Marketo.  Set the dimensions of the image to be what you need, and see what happens.




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Re: Email header image

Hi @Hoppers13 


If you can share the code of the template, that would be helpful to recognize your issue.