Email Fatigue Measurement

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Email Fatigue Measurement

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good way of measuring email fatigue? We are trying to look at the count of emails a person has received over a set amount of time and whether that has any impact on their engagement levels. I think the next level of this would be to see if there is an average amount of emails a person receives before they start to be engaged and move through the funnel. I have thought of a couple ways of doing it, but neither of those ways seem very reasonable or accurate, so I'm curious if anyone else out there has come up with a way to measure this.

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Re: Email Fatigue Measurement

Hi Valerie,

I also attempted to do this and agree there isn't a perfect way unless you export the data to Tableau. I've tried smart lists of Was Sent Email+Unsubscribed etc. We were able to get a good idea that yes, oversending leads to higher unsubscribe rates. But it wasn't perfect.