Email Deliverability Flow

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Email Deliverability Flow

I've noticed that our email deliverability has gone down since I've been using Marketo. We basically dropped from somehwere around 98% to 92-93%.  It strikes me as very odd this is happening.

In addition, I'm not sure if Marketo makes multiple attempts to deliver an email for a soft bounced address.  I had assumed it did, but I can't quite tell.

Regardless, what might be causing this drop?  If Marketo isn't making several attempts, is there something I need to do?  We have many one-off email campaigns, but I didn't think you could set up a flow for those.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Email Deliverability Flow

for some help.

Yes, Marketo does try soft bounces again, but only up to 24hrs. I forget how many times it tries. It might be on a scale:
First Try
wait 1h
Second Try
Wait 4h
Third Try
Wait 6h...

There are some possibilities here, but it's hard to tell from here :)
  • You are now on a shared IP with some less than stellar senders. Before you were on a dedicated IP. You can ask marketo to move you over to a different IP with better senders
  • Since you switched, the world doesn't know you as well 
  • you did not install DKIM/SPF for Marketo yet. Go to Admin > Email > DKIM
  • Something changed in the way you segment the list or permissions.
  • you have a lot of personal email domains and now those domains don't see you as a trusted sender anymore. Marketo emails do get throttled by yahoo and gmail.