Email Campaign: Audience - how long to calculate leads?

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Email Campaign: Audience - how long to calculate leads?

Hi all,

When creating an Email Send Campaign, how long does it take you to calculate leads?  I usually target 4 lists, the only suppression condition I use is "global exclusion list" which includes unsubscribes, and the database we send out to is on average 200,000 leads (give or take).

In your opinion, how long should it take me for a number of leads to populate in the "Audience" section of the email send control panel?

How long does it take you, for your database size?  What are the conditions in your smartlist?

If the audience lead count still shows up 0 - even if you know that's just because the smartlist calculation hasn't hit the dashboard(?) - does that mean that 0 leads would get the email I send?  Has anyone tried running an email campaign before the number of leads showed up?

I hope this message makes sense.. thanks so much for your time and help!


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Re: Email Campaign: Audience - how long to calculate leads?

This depends on the load on your system and the complexity of the list. Usually if a list is over 10 minutes, I try again.

When you say you have 4 lists, do you mean 4 smart lists, or 4 static lists? Smart lists will take longer.

If your Exclusion list is just Unsubscribe=T, this is unnecessary because Marketo blocks them anyway. Try removing that list to help.

If you are getting 0, are you sure your Suppression is Member NOT IN Suppression?