Dynamic links in email based on OS

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Dynamic links in email based on OS

Hi all,

Is it feasible to make an email where links will be different based on whether the email is opened on Windows or iOS?

What we want is the CTA to lead to https://mywebsite.com/download/#section=mac when the email is opened on a Mac, and https://mywebsite.com/download/#section=win if opened on Windows. A default version for other OS's, including ones on mobile devices will probably be needed, too.

I only know that Marketo stores OS and app information for the past activities, not sure there's a way to adapt to it in real time.

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Re: Dynamic links in email based on OS

Not the link in the email itself (that cannot possibly change after delivery) but you can have a redirector page that checks the User-Agent and then redirects to the corresponding page. Though I'd wonder why you wouldn't do this on the download page itself, since it has access to exactly the same info.