Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

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Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?


So I am in desperate need of some help here, and it is not coming from Marketo at all...tried office hours (3 Sessions...each different answer...not good for my confidence btw) and reaching out to my rep...past my 90 day window...so no love there as well.

Anyway so basically trying to do what I would think would be a pretty straight forward drip campaign using a smart list, a few filters and 1 trigger...but the results and numbers and the fact it will not fire has me concerned/frustrated/thinking about jumping ship.

So here it is in a nutshell.

30 Drip Campaign sent to anyone who was created on or after 02/07/14 I am also looking to make sure they have a pd created date on or after 02/07/14 and for safe keeping filtering out anyone with Paid or Beta account types...I am running a seperate campaign to pull them out of the flow incase there account goes from Trial to Paid.


Pretty straight forward and here is where I am going insane...I have users that match that criteria when I run a simple smart list to double check to make sure I don't send to the other thousands I have in my database.


But when I check to see if the members of this campaign #s wise match up not even close only get 17?


So I have people that were put in this on the 9th but the only people I see on this are people I added yesterday? There should be people 9-11 atleast


Initially I was targeting a Data Value Changes fo PD_Created_Date, but since I am loading them in there is not an actual value change..it is just there since these are all new users...original office hours told me this would work..and I thought it did...I di not, so needless to say I've changed this to Lead Created to On or After 2/7/14 and I am running the flow off of that now.

The date is huge since our app will shut them out after 30 days and we want marketo to send them the trial has expired on day 31.

Any help would GREATLY be appreciated and beer worthy! As you can imagin everyday that goes by throws off the trial flow which bascially looks like this

Wait 3 Days Send Email 1
Wait 9 Days Send Email 2
Wait 15 Days Send Email 3
Wait 23 Days Send Email 4 (7 Days Left)
Wait 31 Days Send Email 5 Trial has expired

without it triggering as soon as they are loaded into the system, it throws all those dates off.

Thanks again

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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

Hey Craig, 

If I understand this correctly then the issue is that you are listening for a lead to be created. The problem is that the leads are already created. This program is not retroactive. 

Here is what I would do:
- Export all the people that should get that workflow
- Create a new static list called XXXXXX-List
- Setup your Smart Campaign to listen for added to list and set that to XXXXXX-List
- Import/Add your leads to the XXXXX-List 

- Jeff
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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?


When the lead is created, how quickly is it stamped with that PD Created Date?

If the Lead doesn't have that at the moment it hits Marketo (if it's coming from SFDC, there's a big delay), then this will just not fire.

One way to deal with that is to remove the green filters, then put them into the Flow as  Choice to Remove from Campaign or to setup a traffic cop:

Lead Is Created on or after...
Is this lead PD Created Date On or After AND PD Account TYPE IS NOT? YES=> Request drip; NO ==>nothing.
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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

I also like what Jeff says here as that might be a bit simpler to just use an Added to List trigger if the leads were previously created and you are just waiting for the field to go to Paid.
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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

I noticed that for those who were actually members of the campaign, all were created on Feb 10. When did you start the campaign?

From what the list of 'eligible members' shows, the first group were created before the 10th. Are there any who were created on the 10th that aren't in the campaign?

If those leads were created before you started the trigger, it will not affect them.
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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

There is also a much better way to setup the date for the sends. 


Use the Wait Step (Date Token)
End on {{ Lead.PD_Created_Date }} Plus 3 Days


When it is time to send the email do if created in last 3 days send email 
Default Do Nothing

Does that make sense? 

This would allow old trial users to skip through the workflow and only get the email on the right day. 

Hope that helps! 

- Jeff

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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

Hey Guys,

So I want to thank you for getting back to me so quickly been trying a few of them...well the first one to start...still getting 17 leads not matter what I try to tirgger or filter off of...bit of a marketo novice here still sorry:


Leads on that list I just uploaded: should be 57

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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

Hi Jeff,

So I am trying to set up the Advanced Wait steps as you have menitoned and wanted to ask a few more questions..first is would I do the same thing for every wait/send setep....meanin g9 days, 15 and so on? like so: Or just the frist one?


And would I just set the smartlist back to:


Again I appreciate all the help just want to make sure everyone from the 7th on gets in this flow correctly.

Thanks CB

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Re: Drip Nurture from a smart list campaign?

-------- PART 1 --------
Did you wait to add them to the static list after you built and enabled the workflow with  smart list that is listening for them to be added to the static list? Following the steps I described in order is crucial. 

-------- PART 2 --------
Your first two images are set-up correctly. What you have done is basically said that if someone started your workflow but is 35 days old they would not receive anything. If they were 8 days old they would wait for 1 day and get the the 9 day email. 

NOTE: Since you set a time on there the lead will wait until that time which could push them over to the next day. You will want to add a buffer and on the email make it one extra day. So wait until Trial Start Date +9 on the wait step and then send if created in the last 10 days. 

As for your Smart list you don't really need the lead create date field any more.