Don't sync partners to Salesforce

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Don't sync partners to Salesforce

Hi all, I’m about to send some mails to our partners from Marketo, but I don’t want those to become leads in Salesforce. How can I secure that these email adresses wil not be created  as new leads in Salesforce? Will the sync to salesforce already happend when I import the list? Hope you guys can help.

Best regards Christoffer

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Re: Don't sync partners to Salesforce

Hi Christoffer,

Unfortunately, you cannot completely prevent this from happening. You need to filter them out from your lead management campaigns, but you will not be able to prevent one of your Marketo users to add a lead to a sync'ed program, which would push the lead to SFDC.

Funny enough, this is the second time I have that question today. Hence this idea: