Does behavior score affect lead score?

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Does behavior score affect lead score?

I recently inherited a Marketo instance where the behavior score is decayed upon lack of activity in a certain amount of time. I noticed the behavior score will decrease, but the overall lead score is left untouched. Is the behavior score associated with the lead source? Should it be decreasing as well? Or is this something that is totally seperate?

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Re: Does behavior score affect lead score?

You need to check the flow and see if Lead Score is also being decreased. They have to be in the same flow for this to work.

Ok, more clearly:

Trigger = X
Flow =
Behavior Score -10
Lead Score -10

Otherwise Lead Score is NOT decreased automatically. You must always do this on ANY scoring flow. Also, if you ever reset Behavior Score, be sure to also do this:

Change Data Value: Lead Score IS {{lead.Demographic Score}}

so that the Lead Score is properly decreased.
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Re: Does behavior score affect lead score?

Lauren, lead score is not automatically affected by behavior - the two are separate entities. You'll need to have flows that decrease both for both to be affected.