Discrepancy between clicked link and view page

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Discrepancy between clicked link and view page

I've noticed a key discrepancy between the number of clicked links and viewed page for one of our campaigns. We have 37 people clicked on a link in an email but 130 visiting the linked page. The only place this page is linked is in that email.

What's more interesting is that most of the people who have apparently viewed the page but not clicked the link are from the same company (a big enterprise client) but do not comprise all of our records for that company.

They are also almost all engaging at the same time - receiving the email at 6pm 4th June and viewing the page 12pm 5th June.

Looking at individuals they seem to have received the email but not opened or clicked but are registering as viewed the page.


We have considered that maybe the link was shared in the organisation but we are only seeing this activity for users (who would have received this email) and not for any prospects (who would have received a different link) we've ruled that out.

I suspect it's something to do with a spam block or security software but I was hoping someone else could shed some light.

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Re: Discrepancy between clicked link and view page

Sounds like the spam bot filters. Please check some of the articles and threads on that.

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Re: Discrepancy between clicked link and view page

Laura Abbott​ - Here's an example as Josh mentions -

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