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Different Streams or Different Campaigns

Hi there,


So, I have a lead nurturing campaign. The first four emails aren't really a group of emails for a drip campaign, but rather four different emails tailored to four different points of lead entry. For example, email 1 is for people who sign up for our newsletter, email 2 is for emails we collect for social media, and so on. 


The goal is to have the lead get any one of these four emails and then automatically move them to the next stream, where the real drip campaign begins. 



My questions are as follows:

1. Is it possible to move a lead from a certain email straight to the drip campaign, regardless of whether they clicked on the email or not? 

2. If not possible, can we just set up a stream for each entry email or would we have to set up 4 different drip campaigns?

3. What would be the transition rules that I need to use? I've been messing around with them for weeks and I just can't seem to crack it. 


Thanks so much in advance for any answers and please feel free to ask any questions!

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Re: Different Streams or Different Campaigns

A cleaner approach would be to create a separate stream for each of the four entry sources, add the first email (which I believe is unique for each source) in each of the respective streams on the top, followed by the 4 common emails (email 5 to email 8). You can add people to the correct engagement program stream based on the respective sources you acquire people  from, e.g., from newsletter sign up form, social media, etc. You can either use smart campaign to add people to the correct stream or simply set the transition rules in each stream based on sources from where they entered Marketo (e.g., newsletter form, social media, etc.) - You can use "Person is Created" trigger with apt constraints for adding people to the correct stream along with other nurture eligibility filters if you have any. In general in-bound entry campaign instead of transition rules is more flexible and widely used.


Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions.