Different From name to domain of sender

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Different From name to domain of sender

Quick question for the community.

We've recently entered into a partnership with another company. We will be sending emails to customers who book our joint product not only on our website, but through theirs as well.

So the confirmation emails might have details like this...

From Name: {Company A} with {Company B}

From Email: {our approved Marketo domain}

Reply To: {our regular reply inbox}.

The question is...will having a different From Name to what is visually on our From Email impact our deliverability? I know that you need to send from a domain you own, with DMARC authentication etc etc...but I haven't seen anything about the From Name needing to match the From Email. Taking this to its conclusion, could we use Company B as the From name, sending from our approved domain, without deliverability punishment - if that's the path we went down? We might segment this field so it showed our company name if they booked with us, or theirs if they booked with them.

Any help appreciated!

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Re: Different From name to domain of sender

Hi Phillip,

What would impact you deliverability would be that the From email domain be different from your domain name. The name of the sender might be different form the name of the email address without damage to deliverability.

Now it may impact open rates. For these specific situations I would rather use a generic email address as a sender, such as partners@mydomain.com, so that it's clear to the addressee that this email is part of your partnership activities.


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Re: Different From name to domain of sender

In addition to what Greg said, your From Name is very spammy sounding, so I do not know if that is necessary other than to have your usual name. What may happen is the lead's email client doesn't recognize this Name + Address and drops you into Junk/Spam instead of the inbox. That would be different than the server blocking you first.

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Re: Different From name to domain of sender

Thanks guys. So it's not a deliverability issue, but it may be an inbox placement issue.

Great information, thanks very much.

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Re: Different From name to domain of sender

I wouldn't worry about it either way.

The From: display name (the first part of the header, before the email address in angle brackets) is optional.  If you're going to set it as the same as the email address (without angle brax) there's no reason to have it at all.  The most suspicious display name is an empty set of quotes.  Short of that, as long as you don't include bad words ("Grow with Viagra") you'll be fine.  "Marketo with Salesforce" <partners@example.com> is not going to be problematic.  Concentrate on getting DKIM right and possibly getting a branded sender domain from Marketo.