Re: Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

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Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

Hi- I'm jumping into Marketo and this is my first week learning the program.  I'm having trouble understanding and defining some of the terms used in the university training content.  Could someone provide me with a high-level overview of  the difference between "smart" campaigns and non-smart campaigns?  Similarly, I'd like to know what differentiates a smart list and non-smart list also.  I've created some test nurture campaigns with imported lists, but I'm not sure how it would differ if I used a smart campaign or smart list.

Thank you!!

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Re: Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

Hi Nicole,

Welcome to Marketo!

To answer your questions, all campaign in Marketo are smart campaigns, but not all lists are smart lists.

Smart lists are those that allow you to choose filters, and then calculate the leads from your database that qualify for those filters.  This allows you to more accurately target your leads, and the list will update with the most current group of leads that qualify every time it's used.  Static (regular) lists are just that. They are lists of leads that only show those leads you either import to them, or add to them using a flow step, and they won't change unless you add/remove leads.

Smart campaigns contain a smart list that you can use in exactly the same way as a stand alone smart list, and they also give you a Flow section that allows you to define what you want to happen to the leads that qualify for the smart list in that particular campaign.

Does that answer your questions?


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Re: Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

Hi- thank you for this, it was very helpful.

If I am understanding right, the structure of all of these things would look like this.

Programs are the large 'bucket' that contain all the necessary items for a single marketing initiative- they contain local assets, such as landing pages emails, and smart campaigns.  Smart campaigns include Smart Lists (or static lists), Flow, and Schedule.  Smart lists determined by triggers and filters.

Am I understanding this correctly?  I really appreciate your time!

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Re: Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

Hi Nicole,

This is how Marketo holds Campaigns -

1) If you have atleast one trigger then your campaign becomes Trigger campaign.

2) If there is no trigger included in the smart list of your campaign and holds all the filters, then your campaign is a batch campaign which runs at a defined time.

3 Campaign holds 4W's

- Smart List - Who: This is the place where you define your leads, Or who would be the audience to get affect.

- Flow - What: What needs to be done with the leads you pulled by defining your smart list. Say - Send Email or Change score etc...

- Schedule - When: If your campaign is Batch type then what time needs to be scheduled, If trigger type then activate it.

- Results- Wow: To cross check the results, how your campaign is performing.

Smart List: Dynamic List of leads/records which might change over the period of time.

List: Static list

Defining the Campaign's smart list you can add both Smart list and Static lists in there, locate filter Member of List/Member of Smart List if you need to pull leads from a specific one.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

In addition to the above, which are correct, please take a look at

It's a good supplement to the Training.

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Re: Difference between "smart" and non-"smart" content?

I am also getting started with Marketo, so thank you all for this additional insight!