Re: Detect empty field with velocity

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Detect empty field with velocity

I need to know if a certain field in the database is empty or not to create an email link with velocity scripting

#if ( ${lead.mkt3497link3} != "" ) 

   #set ...


Doesn't seem to work, although the field is empty it is selecting the if cause.

For debug reasons I have displayed the "content" of that empty field : the system displays "${lead.mkt3497link3}" as the value for the field. So the field is not evaluated, it seems...

What am I doing wrong and what is the correct way the check for empty fields.

Franky Ruysschaert
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Re: Detect empty field with velocity

It sounds like you didn't check the field off in the tree in Script Editor.

The way you're checking is OK for a string, though I recommend you switch to

#if ( $lead.mkt3497link3.isEmpty() ) 

to avoid surprises due to datatype mismatches. And also don't use ${formal} reference notation unless you're outputting something or are absolutely sure you need it, as it invites syntax errors.

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Re: Detect empty field with velocity

Hi Franky,

Not sure if you found a solution yet. We were running into a similar velocity scripting problem and found a way to detect a null value:

<p>True </p>




Hope this helps!

Caleb Tupper
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