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Designating Task Type

Hello everyone,

We create new MQL tasks for our sales team for interesting moments from lead actions.

Now we want to add a new type for our customer management team, or a Customer Management MQL.

The problem we are running into is that we have created the new type of task in SFDC, but when a new task is created and synced to SFDC, we can't figure out to change the task type designation to Customer Management MQL. All the tasks still come through as an original MQL and we have to go in and change them manually to the new task type.

There's no designation on the "Create New Task" step for "Type."

Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: Designating Task Type

Could you not just change the subject of the tasks and then create assignment rules in Salesforce that Changes the assigned team member to follow up based on what your subject is?