Emails in Outlook

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Emails in Outlook

Hello All,

Is anyone having problems with email formatting settings switching back and forth and outlook delivered messages looking nothing like the sent Marketo built email that looked fine.

Seems adding tables in Marketo effects font styles, the underline rule adds spaces and removes them, single space, double space sometimes works and sometime doesnt.  I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get consistent looking messages particularly in Outlook despite trying to keep emails as simple and format free as possible.

Even basic formatting now seems difficult to predict what will deliver.  Im no coding expert but Im expecting my emails to be delivered looking like they were built in the Marketo editor.

I used to build the emails in dreamweaver before Marketo.  Starting with Marketo is was quicker and easier to use the editor but Im now thinking of going back to pasting html code into marketo.

Anyone got any tips or just to know your in the same boat as me would at least make me feel better.



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Re: Emails in Outlook

Without seeing your email HTML, it's difficult to tell what the issue is. Looking at how you described it, it sounds like you may have some coding issue when copying from external systems, which may not show in the Web interface of Marketo but do show up in email clients. Dreamweaver is great, but is not a scalable solution for emails and you'll end up with a lot of 1 off emails. Unless you're writing the text directly into Marketo, copying from other sources can cause issue, I suggest you copy your text into Notepad first then into Marketo via a token or editable region, that way all the formatting will be removed, test it out. If that doesn't solve your issue, then the issue may be you actual email template, make sure it's following general css support rules: CSS Support Guide for Email Clients | Campaign Monitor​, Outlook is one of the most difficult to develop for, even PC and Mac versions work differently.