Demo Video Series

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Demo Video Series

I need to create a drop down form where i can list the series of videos. Upon filling up these forms customer will receive the automated email for reach video they selected for drop down upon filling up the form.


Can someone guide me through this flow, that will be really helpful.



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Re: Demo Video Series

You said "each video" — that means you need a Multi-Select or Checkboxes field type. Can't be a standard Select, since that has a single current value.


Set up a Textarea field in the db, Most Recent Demo Video Requests. That's the field that goes on your form as Multi-Select or Checkboxes.


Either (a) make the field required or (b) ensure that there's a display value (like "No video interests at this time") that has the server value NULL. This makes sure the form post always contains the user's most recent interest.


Aside from the NULL value, since you're storing multiple sub-values in the same field, I strongly recommend wrapping each server value in parentheses () or square brackets [] or curly braces {} or some other character that's never used inside the value itself. 


Trigger on Filled Out Form.


Filter on


        Most Recent Demo Video Requests [contains] {My First Video}

Most Recent Demo Video Requests [contains] {My Second Video}



Also think about whether you really want to send multiple autoresponses at the same time, since that can be considered abusive (not to the human so much as to their mailserver).