demand gen campaigns with polling questions

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demand gen campaigns with polling questions

Hi,  I would like to start incorporating polling questions or even just asking single yes/no questions in my demand gen campaigns-- it would be great to be able to boost their score based on an answer, and even fast track leads for some questions

..For example....What is the biggest challenge in your hiring process?  What is your department's top priority? Are you interested in learning more about xyz product? Would you like to be contacted by a sales rep?

Marketo's polling feature is not a viable option since it requires someone to sign into their social media account to vote.The polling feature isn't user friendly. I am currently evaluating the Survey Monkey/Marketo integration which seems like the best option.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Re: demand gen campaigns with polling questions

For what specific reasons are Marketo forms wrong for this task?

Answers might be "easier and prettier to use a dedicated survey builder" or "need aggregate analytics across leads".  But think about what your end goal is.  If it's to get known leads to answer a few basic questions and populate fields on the lead, well, that's what a form is.  If you use the Marketo API, you can even directly query lead activity and push a lead's survey/form fillout history into another database.

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Re: demand gen campaigns with polling questions

Hi Karen,

Generally you don't do this through a polling question. Polls (like email send programs) tend to have an end date. Once the poll is closed you count up the score and publish the result.

What Sanford is referring to is Marketo forms. These always require an email address, can be prepopulated and even have progressive profiling. You could in theory build a form with all your questions in it and have it show 1 new question every time someone fills in the form.

Let's say you have 2 whitepapers and you want to ask some questions before someone downloads them. By using a form with progressive profiling for both whitepapers you could ask them for the email address, first and last name and their industry the first time. When they download the second whitepaper, since they've given their industry already, you could ask for their job type. The form would still show the first 3 fields but have them prepopulated so it's clear only the new field needs to be filled in.

Does that make sense?