Deleted leads

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Deleted leads


I deleted few leads using UI, smart campaign and REST API. I am expecting "Delete Lead, type -37" activities generated for these but when I pulled activity type 37, I don't get anything. I even tried  GET /rest/v1/activities/deletedleads.json but I don't see anything?


Here is the sequence of events:

Generated a pagetoken with a day old timestamp.

Deleted leads from Marketo (UI, Smart campaign and REST API)

Pulled new activities (type 37) - don't see anything.

Tried deleteleads.josn endpoint - don't see anything.


Can you please confirm when these activities are generated?

PS: I don't see any issue with my permission, I am able to pull other activity types.





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Re: Deleted leads

Hello @Rohit_Ranjan ,

Those leads are soft deleted now so you will not be able to access them.  

As a side note do you need to bring them back (a few limitations on that).  If so contact Marketo support and provide Lead IDs and/or Smart campaign IDs.