Re: Delete an SFDC field in Marketo will it re-sync?

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Delete an SFDC field in Marketo will it re-sync?


I am working with the support team to try to delete a batch of fields that were used when we had our B2C database syncing from SFDC to Marketo.  Since we have turned this off and now only use marketo for our B2B leads there were tons of fields that would no longer be needed.  My question is - if we work with Marketo to delete the fields, but the fields still exist in SFDC and the marketo-sync user profile still has view access to those fields will they just re-sync back into our instance? I have my SFDC admin digging in to see if there is a mass way to remove field access from the Marketo-sync user account but if it requires us to go in manually field by field and restrict access I don't know how quickly that will happen (its about 200 fields).   Has anyone had Marketo delete and field and seen if it will re-sync or not?



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Re: Delete an SFDC field in Marketo will it re-sync?

There are several threads on this issue. One quite recently. Here's what I know:

  • Marketo user Profile is the key part. Restrict its ability to see these fields and they will be effectively disconnected. This is pretty easy to do so I wouldn't worry if it is 200 fields.
  • But they still exist in Marketo.
    • So you can Hide them.
    • You can ask Support to delete them.
    • You can clear them out NULL out and then Hide.
  • Just remember that if you were reporting on these, you will lose this data in Marketo forever.