definition of "Contacts" in Marketo

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definition of "Contacts" in Marketo

I'm currently looking for the definition of "Contacts" in Marketo. As I'm new to it, I'm quite confused about when to make a difference between a contact/lead/person. 


Also, when do I start paying for a contact in Marketo? Is there a documentation about it on the Marketo side?

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Re: definition of "Contacts" in Marketo

'People' is a new name for what used to be 'Leads' - It's updating gradually across all Marketo Instances.

For Marketo, there's no concept of Contacts - Marketo calls everyone as 'People' - the record can be a Lead or a Contact on SFDC side.

Therefore, regardless of whether the 'Person' in Marketo, is a 'Lead' or 'Contact' in SFDC - the Person is a Person/Lead in Marketo.


As per Marketo Glossary - In Marketo Engage, lead is the previous term (replaced by person) used to describe an individual in your Marketo database that you're engaging with through your marketing campaigns. In your CRM, a lead may represent a different concept (i.e., an individual associated with an opportunity) independent of Marketo's functionality. 


Hope this helps!

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Re: definition of "Contacts" in Marketo


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Re: definition of "Contacts" in Marketo

Marketo - in terms of contracting calls people "contact records" 
but in terms of everything else - they are people. If your database is synced to Salesforce you are able to see if the record is a lead or contact on the "Lead Info" tab of a record. 

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Re: definition of "Contacts" in Marketo

Also, when do I start paying for a contact in Marketo?

Any record on the known side of your database counts against your subscription limit. Note a known record need not have an email address, nor do any other fields need to be non-empty. The only important thing is that it's not anonymous.


Anonymous records, which are created by someone browsing your site with Munchkin enabled but without any "identifying marks" (clicking a Marketo-tracked email, filling out a Marketo form) aren't counted.

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Re: definition of "Contacts" in Marketo

Just wanted to add that the field "SFDC Type" tells you if a Marketo person is a Salesforce Lead or Contact.