Default Operational Programs?

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Default Operational Programs?


We are in the process of working with a partner to set up our Marketo instance. I am reviewing the SOW and no where does it mention operational programs.  I want to ensure we are set up correctly and need to ask him about specific programs to set up. At a minimum, what operational programs should we set up? I've looked for lists or documentation, and I don't see any. Reading some posts and from former Marketo usage, I've come up with the following. Am I missing any?

  • SPAM Traps
  • Country Cleaner
  • Lead Source Cleaner
  • Hard Bounces
  • Soft Bounces
  • Should there be a CRM sync one? We may only want to sync leads that meet a specific score.
  • Duplicate Management?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Default Operational Programs?

Hi Jodi,


Former agency consultant here. I'd recommend also checking on the below topics in addition to what you have. These could be covered in separate sections of the project, but worth ensuring they're covered somewhere. 


- Consider expanding data management ("field cleaners" as you've noted) to include additional fields such as State, Job Function / Role type field and Industry. It would also be worth ensuring data entry from things like forms and list imports is documented and align to how this data should be set.

- Consent Management for things like GDPR and CASL.

- Preference Center / Subscription Management (not 100% necessary but a nice thing to implement up front).

- Lifecycle processes that support all the status tracking and management.

- Scoring and potentially Interesting Moments, if you have Marketo Sales Insight.

- Sync to CRM. Depending on where you're reporting, it would probably be worth syncing people upon creation to your CRM since this will ensure lead creation reports show accurately. I've bundled this within the lifecycle processes before so it all has 'one home'. 


Hope that helps. Best of luck! 

Mariah Mattick