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Re: Dedupe solutions for MSD

Good day Greg!

Apologies - when I was replying last night I had misread your initial question to mean that you couldn't merge in DCRM. Next time I go to reply I will wait until I get a good night's sleep and re-read first!

I had a client a few years ago that had an issue merging records in DCRM because of a custom plugin they had deployed. Their only course of action was to delete the DCRM record, and we then had a smart campaign in Marketo to run clean up for records marked as Microsoft is Deleted.

Merging in DCRM is the best approach as noted by you and Dan Stevens​. I don't know of any CRM Fusion Demand Tools like applications for DCRM, perhaps we should build one!

Hoping to see you at Summit next month!


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Re: Dedupe solutions for MSD

Sorry Greg, we use Salesforce as our CRM system and use clouddingo for our dedupe tool.

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Re: Dedupe solutions for MSD

Hi Greg,

I'm not sure if you have find out a solution yet which will DeDupe your records with Marketo and MS-Dynamics.

Our product M-Clean which earlier was providing DeDupe facility for Marketo and Salesforce, is now capable of doing this with Marketo and MS-Dynamics.

You can follow the link above and can see other features of the product, can request a demo and if found reasonable and solving the needs, then can opt for it.


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Re: Dedupe solutions for MSD

Grégoire Michel - we had a demo and did some testing with M-Clean several months ago and it didn't work for MSD records in Marketo.  We're about to test this once again - using a variety of duplicate scenarios (Marketo person/CRM contact, duplicate contacts, duplicate leads, duplicate lead AND contact (note, merging multiple entities - like a lead with a contact - can't even be done natively on the MSD side - so it will be interesting how they accomplish this from within Marketo).  Once we have our next demo, I'll report my findings back to the community.

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Re: Dedupe solutions for MSD

Hi Dan,

Would be interested. We are also testing leadonance in an MSD environment. I'll keep you guys posted.