Date wait steps

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Date wait steps

I am working on a webinar that has multiple reminder emails. I want to set up a flow that is triggered based off someone being added to the webinar list. The flow will have wait steps to send out the reminder emails on specific dates. For an example, reminder email 1 goes out on Jan 27th,8:00am. If someone signs up after the wait step date, is there a way for them to skip that step?


When I did a test a I signed up after the first wait step date for the 1st reminder email and I was still sent that reminder email. Is there a way around this ?



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Re: Date wait steps

Thought: Instead of implementing this via a single campaign with advanced wait steps (and complicating things), why don't you set up distinct one-off email send programs to send out reminder emails to people who would have registered on or before the email send date? I don't assume you'd have a ton of reminder emails, making the process of creating programs cumbersome; additionally, you'd get all the benefits of using the email send programs over the campaign (e.g., recipient time zone, dashboard, distinct SL criteria for each reminder email, etc.).