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I'm hoping to validate whether Marketo stores the data we upload to it and if so for how long? Even if we set campaigns to clear the relevant list once completed is the data still stored in the Marketo database?


I'm assuming this occurs and this database is whats used for the email invalid flag?



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You may be thinking of Durable Unsubscribe. This pertains to the Unsubscribed field (not Email Invalid) and yes, it does by definition require some record of the original email address be stored even when the record is deleted from the main lead database. That record can be a hash, it doesn't have to be the plain-text email, but I don't think it's implemented as a hash at this time.

Also, when you say "clear" I assume you mean deleting the lead, not just the list membership.

What's the exact regulatory/business concern you're trying to answer?
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Re: Data Storage

Hi @Matthew , 


To begin with, maybe this article will solve some of your questions:

Depending on the information in particular, it's stored from 90 days (high volume activities like emails sent, visits to web pages etc.), to 25 months (low volume activities like email bounces or being added to an opportunity). 


Information about people who unsubscribed from your emails is kept separately and for longer, not sure exactly how long.

This is called "durable unsubscribe", you can read a bit on it here:



I agree with @SanfordWhiteman/. To better answer your question we would need more detail around what you mean with "uploading" and "clearing". 


With "uploading" do you refer to import a list of records / persons to the database?

These stay on your database until you contract with Marketo ends or you delete them. Now, there is a difference between emptying a list (=clearing) and deleting records (=delete person). 


Below is a screenshot of a static list view where I selected three records. Notice how I highlighted "delete person" in red and "remove from list" in yellow. Keep in mind that deleting cannot be reverted, while clearing can be reverted.

When you delete records, if any of them unsubscribed, they will be deleted from Marketo (and optionally, your main CRM if you choose to), but a record of their email address and the fact they unsubscribed will still be kept somewhere in Marketo's servers. 

This is to prevent that people who unsubscribed, and get deleted for whatever reason, are emailed again by mistake if they enter your system again (i.e. they change their mind and resusbcribe or a sales rep adds them manually again).