data clean in SFDC with Marketo Sync

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data clean in SFDC with Marketo Sync


We are potentially going to get an external agency to clean up our SFDC originated data. This would mean exporting data and then re-importing clean data back into SFDC.

How does this affect the Marketo Sync? I am assuming if cleaned up records are re-imported using the SFDC record ID then this will be seen as an existing record and update the Marketo record? If a record has been deleted on the clean up do I manually have to run a query in Marketo on the sfdc id to delete the 'deleted' SFDC record within Marketo?

Has anyone had an first hand experience of doing this?


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Re: data clean in SFDC with Marketo Sync

Which agency? Did you discuss this sync issue with them?

  • Updates to existing SFDC records by SFDCID will be ok and sync over.
  • If you delete an SFDC record, it will still exist in Marketo until you delete it. It may return to SFDC.
  • you could then run a query on SFDC is Deleted in Marketo to find records you may want to delete after this process.

Services like RingLead, Lean Data, and Marketo will be able to help this process properly.