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Cvent Integration One-Way

Hi All,

We are still relatively new to Marketo and are looking to sync Cvent data. We currently have lead data updating from Cvent to Marketo, but Marketo data isn't updating in Cvent. I have read in different posts that this is just how the functionality works. It is very clearly labelled "Push API Integrations" in Cvent. Can someone please confirm that there isn't an out-of-the-box solution for Marketo to Cvent data syncing?

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Re: Cvent Integration One-Way

What do the docs say? What does Cvent say?

I am pretty sure it does push from cvent to Marketo only, although there are ways to do a sync if desired. Just be careful.

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Re: Cvent Integration One-Way

You can manually import data from Marketo to Cvent, but the native integration is uni-directional from Cvent to Marketo.

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